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The Verse Visual Logo for 2023


Verse/Visual is back for its fifth year in Ipswich.


This project is a visual and verbal creative conversation between Ipswich’s artists and writers. It was inspired by a series of visual essays done by the New York Times in 2017. 

The 2023 event displayed August 11-13, in downtown Ipswich, with an opening reception on August 11th and other events throughout the weekend.


In order to be considered for VERSE/VISUAL, artists and writers must submit 2-5 pieces of original work done in the past 3 years. From those submissions, jurors will select participants and one piece to be given to a creator of the opposite discipline. These “seed works” serve as the inspiration for new pieces to be developed by the participants.


An interested photographer submits 2 of their favorite photographs from among their recent work. On the strength of their submission, they are accepted into the show. One of their submitted pieces will be given to an accepted poet, who will be asked to create a poem in response. That same photographer will receive a piece of prose from an accepted writer’s submission and will be asked to create a new piece of art in response.



All of the collaborations will be displayed together in downtown Ipswich, with an opening reception to be held in the first weekend of the show. As in years past, writers and artists will not know whose work they are responding to until the opening reception in order to create a genuinely personal response.


“I am so grateful to have been a part of VERSE/VISUAL. The poem is beautiful and I loved the journey I took as a participating photographer. Everyone was so supportive and I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished. Can’t wait for the next time!” 

      – Kate, a 2021 VERSE/VISUAL participant.

VERSE/VISUAL thanks EBSCO for their essential part in the 2023 show.

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