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The 2024 Call for Art is OPEN!

If you are interested in joining us for VERSE/VISUAL 2024, please submit 2-5 works of visual or performing art/prose with application to the link below! 

To help present VERSE/VISUAL, there is an application donation of $10.

Ipswich Art Association Members submit for free. 

Join us today!


11:59 PM ON MAY 26, 2024.


Verse/Visual is back for its sixth year in Ipswich. This project is a visual and verbal collaboration between local creatives, inspired by a series of visual essays from The New York Times that present art and writings resulting from collaboration. 

The 2024 event will display August 16-19, in downtown Ipswich, with an opening reception on August 16th and other events throughout the weekend.

HOW IT WORKS: In order to be considered for this year’s show, creators must submit 2-5 pieces of work done in the past 3 years. Creators may submit art, writing, or both! If accepted, jurors will select one of their submitted pieces (Inspiration) to be given to another accepted creator. These “seed works” serve as the catalysts for new pieces (Exploration).


FOR EXAMPLE: A photographer submits 2 favorite photographs from their recent work. On the strength of their submission, they are accepted into the show. One of their submitted pieces is given to another accepted creator, who writes a poem in response. The photographer receives a piece of media from a different creator's submission and develops a piece in response. They may choose to respond with photography, but if inspiration draws them to writing (or painting, or collage, etc...) they are free to respond in that media, as well! As in years past, creators will not know whose work they are responding to until the opening reception in order to create a genuinely personal response.

For visitors, the Verse/Visual gallery experience is a story of collaboration and the creative process. It's a show about creative expression, connection, and the infinite ways an idea can be interpreted. 

We invite you to take this journey with us as a Verse/Visual creator in 2024.


ART: Creators may submit works of any discipline including 2D and 3D works, dance, music and film. Your work must be ready to display. There is no limit on artwork physical size; however pieces that are over 36”, 50 pounds or need to be suspended in the air must be previously arranged. Images submitted to this application must be under 2mB. Video and audio files must be under 5mB.

WRITING: Creators may submit any kind of prose they prefer. We ask that you limit your submissions to 350 words or less. Your work will be printed by the exhibition coordinators in a way that is consistent with the show UNLESS the way you print it is part of your reader experience. Please send your work to us with the appropriate title, formatting, and name. There will be many opportunities to proof the display of your work; please be sure to approve proofs in a timely manner.

There will be a private artist’s reception before the show opening on Friday evening and TBA events on Saturday/Sunday. Please plan to come to the reception. It won’t be the same without you!  

To help present VERSE/VISUAL, there is an application donation of $10.

Ipswich Art Association Members submit for free! Join us today!

Deadline for Applications: 11:59 p.m May 26th
Notification of Acceptance and assignment of Inspiration Piece: June 1st
Final Label Info/Online Preview due July 28th

BUT participants are strongly encouraged to submit their pieces upon completion.

Art Drop-off: August 14th

“Verse/Visual was an amazing growth experience for me, as a creator. It was such a supportive and fun way to work collabortively for the first time, and I am deeply proud of the work I did for this show. Can't wait for next year!”
– Val, a 2023 VERSE/VISUAL participant.

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