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Info for Accepted Artists

Here's the scoop: 

Hi everyone, thank you again for participating - many of you for the first time! I am so thrilled that we are once again creating a show that celebrates collaboration, community, and the arts in Ipswich. And it’s going to be an extra exciting event this year in our new space – EBSCO Hall! PLEASE BRING PEOPLE AND SPREAD THE WORD! You all rock.


We’ll get to important dates and times in a sec, but first:
Volunteers make VERSE/VISUAL everything it is. I won’t lie, it is a lot of work. We have a great team, but we can’t do it alone. We need you. Every little bit helps!
SO, here is the volunteer sign up form with our grand list of needs for the show. Please look it over and consider doing one or two things to support the success of V/V! It will be a great gallery to sit, and the weekend will be one that you won’t want to miss. We’re of the opinion that many hands make light work, so know that your lift will be as light as we can make it. Thanks!
The best way to sign up for everything is through the link below. I gently reserve the right to ask you to bring/do something else if I start doubling up on stuff - so if you have something you are absolutely adamant about bringing/doing, sign up right away!



The flow of the weekend is going to be a little different than years past, but I think overall the changes are great, and will help us reach even more people.
TO ASK QUESTIONS, EMAIL OR TEXT/CALL CYNTHIA 978-998-2228 (Please note that it may take her a bit to respond. For non-urgent needs, email is always best.)
Once again, THANK YOU for being a part of this event. We are nothing without you!



Please send us your final works by FRIDAY, AUGUST 4th at 11:59 P.M to give us ample time to reproduce your work for display. We will be reproducing your work in a uniform style that blends beautifully with the show and is also easy to read. If you would like to present your writing in your own fashion, please let us know by emailing us at We only ask that you make it easy for viewers to read from a wall.


On THURSDAY, AUGUST 10 starting at 7:30 A.M, we will be both taking in artwork AND hanging the show. That’s a lot of work in one day, and I ask that you all are a) patient with us and b) timely in your drop off. Obviously, we’re going to need to be very quick and efficient, but this is a new space and a bigger show than the last VERSE/VISUAL, so we’re figuring some things out as we go. PLEASE GET YOUR ARTWORK TO US BY 4P.M, READY TO HANG. If you need to arrange dropping off your work before the 10th, that’s great – just email us at

FRIDAY, AUGUST 11 at 6 P.M (note time change!!), we will get together privately for about an hour to view the show as participants, and then we will open to the public at 7. If you can, please sign up to being some refreshment for the evening. We’ll bring the wine! We also must have enough people to sit the gallery for the weekend, so your best donation is your presence for a few hours. The gallery will be open 10-5 on Saturday, and 11-4 on Sunday.
SATURDAY AUGUST 12, we’re going to have some pop-up events at the show. As we firm up people and times, we’ll share those with you. One of the events will be an opportunity for artists and writers to talk about their process and read the work they have in this year’s show.

SUNDAY AUGUST 13th at 11 A.M – 1 P.M, we’ll have an OPEN MIC BRUNCH. It’s a fundraiser for our student and emerging artist programming. V/V artists are free, but we’re suggesting a $10 (we’ll always take more!) donation for attendees otherwise. We’ll serve simple brunchy fare and coffee, of course. If you would like to perform, please sign up via the form linked in this note. Poetry, spoken word, dance, music, short play? Bring it on! Slots will be limited due to time, and we’ll need to see what you’re presenting before the event. SIGN UP NOW!!

 Can’t wait to see your magic! Best, Cynthia and the IAA

Want to download all this info? Click the link below to download the PDF.

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